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Violins, Violas, and Cellos based on 40 years of research on Stradivari, Guarneris, and Amatis.

Nagyvary Violins
At Nagyvary Violins, we make the most authentic recreations of the old Stradivarius and Guarnerius violins. Each note is played many times into a computer-based signal analyzer which provides a fingerprint of the sound (FFT power spectra). Unless this fingerprint resembles those of the fine Stradivari and Guarneri violins, the new violin will be reworked.

Scientific Studies and Reflections on Stradivari:
The Science of the Stradivarius
The Mystique of the Stradivarius and the Guarneri Del Gesu
Breakthrough Describing Tone Quality in Guarneris
Review of "Stradivari Varnish" book of Brandmair and Greiner
Commentary on the Strad vs. New Violin Comparison

Latest Info:
Violence and Violins - New book available by Dr. Nagyvary
Nature (Journal of Science) - Wood used by Stradivari and Guarneri (PDF file) 
Dr. Nagyvary Headlines Einstein Centennial Celebration in Tokyo

Nagyvary in the News:
Ottawa Citizen's Weekly: The Secret of the Strad - 322MB PDF
Agnews: Stradivari VS. Nagyvary - Stradivari Meets it's Match, over 400 Judges
ABCnews.com: Scientists Learns Secrets of Stradivari Violin
Christian Science Monitor: Stradivarius: Artisan or accident?
Scientific American: Secrets of the Stradivarius: Interview with Nagyvary

Listen ... Can You Tell?
Is it a Stradivari or a Nagyvary? Download any of these sets of MP3 files and you decide.

Violin-Set 1 2 3 4
Violin #1 1-1 ~474k 1-2 ~467k 1-3 ~525k 1-4 ~303k
Violin #2 2-1 ~441k 2-2 ~470K 2-3 ~562k 2-4 ~305k

These 4 sets were played Live, by prize winning Violinist Dalibor Karvay of Vienna, at the Bush Presidential Library Conference Cntr, before 400+ judges. See News links above for more...

See How to Buy for information on ordering your own World Class Violin, Viola, or Cello.

More info:
The Stradivarius Puzzle: a CD
Retirement Concert Program

Violence and Violins - The Making of a Hungarian Refugee. Get the new book by Dr. Joseph Nagyvary.

Identifying strengths and weaknesses... A sound analysis system is the most reliable learning tool for improvement of tone quality.

Dr. Nagyvary... At the interface of arts and sciences.

Nagyvary Violins
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