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Violins, Violas, and Cellos based on 40 years of research on Stradivari, Guarneris, and Amatis.

Nagyvary Violins

How to Buy a Nagyvary Instrument

A Nagyvary Violin. One of 31 instruments donated to public institutions. Click to enlarge.

Detail of new violin. Click to enlarge.
Typical Violins Available

Please make an appointment by telephone for a personal visit in Jonestown, Texas to try out a large number of instruments. Call (979) 676-3323. We mail violins only occasionally, since such requests are too numerous, and we prefer to keep 90% of the violins at home in our showroom. When we agree to mail a violin, we do so by UPS 2nd-day-air for a 2-week try-out, and the expenses for round-trip shipping must be guaranteed by the client if the instrument is not purchased. Filling special orders with unusual specifications will require approximately 8 months for completion, plus an arguable period of time for adjustment.

Detail of new violin. Click to enlarge.
We do not buy back any used instruments, but we accept them in a trade-in arrangement as a partial payment for our higher grade product. Normally, we make a 15% deduction from the original price for depreciation requiring minimal restoration. If there is any significant damage, a fair market value must be first determined.

Nagyvary Violins
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